Energy is Everywhere
It Just Takes Engineering to Unlock It

At Lockheed Martin Energy, we’re engineering a better tomorrow. The grid is changing and we can help your business change with it. From renewable energy integration to storage, efficiency, demand response and microgrids – we’re applying innovative technology from the world’s leading research and development company to help customers power their future. Because the energy challenge is an engineering challenge and that’s what we do best.

The Energy Storage Imperative

A Guide for Grid Planners in the Renewables Era

Electric grids are undergoing unprecedented disruption as renewables rapidly take root, displacing other energy sources. Storage has a vital role to play in this evolution. But the current dominant technologies in use today cannot sufficiently provide the durable, flexible and distributed energy storage required. Download our latest whitepaper for an in-depth guide to anticipating and planning for the best ways to adapt to historic changes in the energy industry.

Upcoming Events

ESA | December 1–3

Visit us at the 2021 ESA Energy Storage Annual Conference & Expo to learn how we’re engineering long-duration energy storage solutions to enable the safe, flexible and effective implementation of renewable energy. For more information about this event, visit