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One Week in the Life of Our Early Career Engineers:


“My role at Lockheed Martin puts me on the flight-line next to fighter jets and experimental aircraft – sometimes in them! As a person who loves aviation, I can say with certainty that I love what I do.”


“Lockheed Martin has been a large part of my career, and I plan to stay here. I appreciate and value working on the products that will one day save our heroes. Both my Mom and Dad were in the United States Navy, so for me, it means so much more.”


“Being in a rotational program has enabled me to become more flexible and comfortable with change."


"During my time in Lockheed Martin's Leadership Development Program, I was able to get my Master's at NYU."

Only Here Are Our Employees Mission Critical:


“I think the best aspect of my position is the open table culture at Lockheed Martin. Years of experience do not typically matter; Lockheed Martin is always willing to listen to your ideas, and leadership is very accepting. You really feel heard even if you are earlier in your career.”


"My job allows me to use my creativity to come up with innovative solutions for complex problems. Lockheed Martin provides me an opportunity for job security and a chance to follow my passion."


"I truly learn something new every day, and every day I get to solve new challenges. It always keeps me on my toes. My favorite part of my job is when I get to see the photos of the brave individuals of the armed forces returning home to their families. I'm thankful to work for a company that puts those individuals first, and we never forget who we are working for as they serve our country."

Achievements of Our Experienced Professionals:

Carrie, Rob and Corey

Behind each Freedom-variant Littoral Combat Ship, and all that encompasses it, are the people who work to make the ships what they are. 


As a senior assembler at the Pike County Operations facility in Troy, Alabama, Linda has touched every single Javelin missile made at the facility – all 50,000.


Dr. Michael is the lead engineer for the X-59 QueSST. He coordinates the technical development of the X-plane design currently being developed in partnership with NASA.


“Engineers are challenged to look at the system surrounding them and find solutions to complex problems. As an engineer, I love this challenge because I am always learning, creating and seeking solutions that benefit the system around me and the people next to me.” 


“I wondered how to fit this role into my already busy life, but my co-workers were so encouraging. They really motivated me to use my leadership and engagement skills to bring the spouses together and to give them support. It has allowed them to connect and form lasting bonds.”


“Everyone doesn’t always respond positively at first when bringing new ideas to the table. The people with the mentality of ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it,’ will challenge your notions and be reluctant to change. As long as you keep looking for areas of improvements, and communicating the benefits, you can help to improve the way that change is perceived."


“Three years ago, I decided I wanted to get more involved in my local community and give back to those less fortunate than me.”


“I always tell my soldiers, ‘I may be your leader, but I’m nothing without you.'”


“After a few years working in Operations, I made the decision to get my associate degree in industrial maintenance."

Our Diverse and Inclusive Culture:


“One of the things that I’ve learned over the years is that it’s incredibly important to have a close group of friends who you can share anything with, and who you can count on."


"Be yourself, confront your fears, and stop covering."


“It’s important to have more women in STEM fields because diversity of thought and experiences drives innovation. Representation matters.”

Meet Our Veterans

Veterans, reservists, and military spouses comprise well over one-fifth of our 114,000 employees


"I was very lucky that when I decided to take that step out of the closet I was accepted right away, and I can truly say that my career has flourished since."


“I am tremendously proud to work in an industry where Hispanics are lightly represented and achieving positions of leadership."


“One afternoon, my company was preparing to go out on a routine patrol. In a split second, my entire life changed.”


"The day I found out my dad was an engineer and not a secret agent is the day I decided to follow in his footsteps."